Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yesterday was just a regular day in my life with fibro. Still very painful. I put makeup on for the first time in a long time to try to make me feel better. :o) LOL....didn't work, but my husband liked it. :o) My daughter is getting a cold now and hasn't been feeling very well. It's just moving around the house and hitting everyone. yuk! I'm not going to do much again today, mainly because I can't. Just rest in bed again. :o( I've been busy just doing nothing. My limitations are really getting to me. I know this will pass in time. :o) Just waiting. :o) For about the past 3 weeks now, I've been flooded with all kinds off "information" that has really been keeping me busy. Let me back up a bit; I was born with a gift given to me by God. I don't know what to call it, it does run in my family. From my great grandmother, my grandmother, and now me. Some call it pyschic, I just call it a gift. Because with this gift, I've helped others. Well, for about a year and a half, I've felt closed off. And since I've gotten so much of the negativity out of my life, I am now getting it back, and it's full force. Whew! In my dreams, I am getting flooded with information from people, so much that I can't even write it all down, and during the day, I get "feelings" and "impressions". I make sure for whoever the information is for, I tell the person. If I don't, it doesn't leave me, and I need for it to. So....I've been very busy with all of this information and vibes/feelings to help others again. :o) I keep a note book by my bed to write down my dreams, if I can remember them all. But, I do remember the ones that have been "stuck" in my head when I wake up, and then I go from there with it. I realize this doesn't make much since to alot of people, but this too is my life. :O) I've had to come to terms with it as a child and to learn how to handle it, and channel it to the right way and to the good. No, I don't always get good news, but I still have to tell the person it's for. It's hard to explain. :o) I don't call this a was given to me by God, and God doesn't give curses. :O) So....I've been pretty busy with this lately. :o) By the way, if you don't believe in this, could you please not leave a nasty comment or send me nasty emails? Thank you. I have only one that will judge me, and it isn't any of you, ok. :o) With that said...God bless all of you. :o)


dianneclewien said...

I so believe you. I didn't have dreams but because I had the "spirits" that hung around for 19 years. They left at the end of August. Now my house and myself feel empty (if that makes any sense). I had gotten to the point where I looked forward to them making an appearance, however so slight. The sad part was I never was able to understand what they were trying to say to me. The voices always sounded so far away and a number of voices at one time. But I knew they were not evil. I could go on and on and tell you stories but this is your journal. LOL
Just know that I am a believer in such things.


seraphoflove9001 said...

I knew you would understand. :o) And oh yes...I do know what you are talking about! The last house that we lived in was so "active" I got used to it. lol Yes, I did help a few of "them" go, but there were the rest that wouldn't go because it had to do with the house and the land the house was built on, so they stayed, and some were not very nice at all. But, I knew how to handle it and what to basically expect. This house is quit, and yes, lol....I'm not used to it! lol But it's a good thing I suppose. :o) I would love to hear all about your experiance! :o) I could go on and on about my abilities and experiances would take up way too much space! lol I even have photos from the other house. My mom and both of my children also have this gift. :o) And I have a strong feeling that my grandson does too. I've already been working with him so it doesn't scare him and then it will come more natural for him when he gets older. :o) Thank you Dianne. :o) Like I said...I knew you would understand. :o)
Lisa :o)