Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ok....this time change has really messed me up. lol I actually was able to get 7 hours of sleep last night. Yay! :o) I'm still in alot of pain still today. In some places, its not as hard on me. This too shall pass. :o) My best friend came over this morning for coffee, and we watched a movie. I've been noticing more "activity" going on in this house. I thought when we moved it would be over. I guess not. My son's bedroom door will open and shut on it's own, I have baskets and a very heavy bear sitting on a shelf above a window in this room that keeps getting moved all around. I take this thing that I have that I can reach with and grab things and put them back, and they get moved again. The shelf is maybe about 5 inches from the ceiling. Plus there is no one here that can reach it without getting the step stool. Everything that has been happening, I've rationalized. Nothing can be so far. I guess the house gets "active" this time of year. The other house we lived in did the same thing. Oh well, here we go again. I have God on my side, and thats what matters. :o) I'll write more later, too weak to type write now. :o)

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