Monday, October 24, 2005

I was able to get 7 hours of sleep last night! Yay! When I woke up, my bed was fine like usual. Yesterday was not a very good day for me with my pain and energy. I did take a nap to try to at least get more energy and/or feel better pain wise. No such luck, just was able to catch up on some sleep that I have missed. Not complaining there. :O) I'm still catching myself "hiding" my pain. I really am working on not to do that. It all started when I was first having these pains a few years back. I felt like since it was all new to me and others, and a few people didn't believe me at the time that I was and could be in this much pain, I would just hide it then. Now, it's coming too natural to do it, and I need to stop. Everyone understands now what I have and what I must be going through. If my husband asks me if I need help with anything, I find myself saying no, when I really do need it with whatever I'm doing. Then afterwards I pay for it. I'll probably end up putting a few hundred sticky notes up throughout the house for me saying, "Stop hiding it!" :o) Maybe that might work? :o) I need to do something, because the pain has made it to where I'm having a hard time walking and using my arms. Basically sitting is ok to do. But then I still have my back killing me and goes down to my hips. Geesh! This seems to be a no win situation here. Oh well. My daughter stopped by yesterday and really surprised me. :o) She was getting a few more things to take back to her place. We were laughing so hard, because she is very clumsy, and she kept tripping and doing funny things! lol She always been a very clumsy girl, and I have always called her Grace! :o) As for not being graceful! lol :o) She finally ended up getting her things in her car with no more falls or tripping. :o) Then she went on home, and I'm hoping she was able to unload her car without tripping! lol I didn't get any phone calls, so I guess she did it! :o) I suppose thats all for now, my massage therpist will be here soon. Gentle hugs all. :O)

                               ........................................When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I will not have a single bit of talent or gifts left that was given to me, then I could say, "Iused everything You gave me!"


soupergirl68 said...

Hey im glad to hear you are admitting you need help when you do dont be stubborn...alot care for you and will do what they you bunches....OH YEAH WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR DAUGHTER GOT HER CLUMSSINESS?...hahaha

seraphoflove9001 said...! LOL  I know, she's too much like me when it comes to that! LOL :o)
It is still so hard though to ask for help. I guess thats just cery hard for me to get used to having to do still. If you can get a ride up here...I could use your help. :o)