Monday, October 31, 2005

So far today is the same as yesterday. My massage therapist called, and con't come this morning because she is sick. I hope she feels better. This time change is really messing me up pretty bad. I am so confused. More so then before. :o) It's hard enough for me to remember things as it is. :o) I don't have anything planned today. I am going to write down everything that I can think of, that I feel, my pain and where it is, and the numbness, and where it is. I need to have everything down on paper in front of me, so I can go from there. Then I'm going to call my doctor to make an appointment. If fibromyalgia doesn't progress, then what else is wrong with me? I've looked it up, and no, it does not progress. Mine has ever since I've been diagnosed. So something else is wrong. I'll just get to the bottom of this whole mess that has disabled me. God bless you. :o) Comments would help if anyone can think of anything. :o)


dianneclewien said...

I had a friend several years back that had something similar but yet different. She had the tumors pop up all over her body. Her legs were especially bad. I can't remember everything now or what it was called. I do recall it was passed on to her daughter at a very young age. I will do some checking and see if I can find out again what was wrong with her. Could it be you have MS along with Fibro??? Or something else in conjunction with the Fibro??? Are you going to a general practice DR??? That's the kind of DR I use and I have a great deal of faith in him. I have seen this DR for 19 years now and he has not steered me wrong yet. Sometimes a GP can see things others can't plus they will take the time to really talk and listen to you. I feel so sorry for what you are going through and just can't help but wonder if it is all fibro. I don't know if I should hope it is or not. We can pray that you better soon.
Good luck. You really need some answers so you can begin to get better.

seraphoflove9001 said...

I've been told a few years back, that if you have MS, you will probably have fibro too, and visa vursa. But, not all people. Just a high percentage. Yes, I do see a family doctor now. I was seeing my neurologist, and he was so not caring and didn't beleive me when I was telling him the things that I was experiancing. Finally, he ran all sorts of tests on me and realized after all the years, I wasn't lying to him! He's a nut case! He is the one that diagnosed me with having fibromyalgia. Then told me that he wouldn't see me again until I went to Cleveland Clinic to be tested there for MS. I can't afford to go there, it's too far. So, I see a family doctor that treats me for the fibro. Yes, I do think that something else is wrong. By talking with others helps me try to figure out what isn't and doesn't go with having fibromyalgia. And down deep, I know there is more wrong, I can feel it. I just have to be able to know how to relay it all to my doctor so he can better understand me. If that makes sence? I know how I feel, but to explain it is hard to do. Thank you so much Dianne. :o) I really appreciate your help. I would love to know what your friend did have.