Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Still way too much pain.

My morning started out great! :o) My best friend came over. It's nice to see her. :o) She had problems sleeping as well. I was able to get a nap in. I am very frustrated in so many ways right now. I had one of my "prophetic" dreams! :o( I am very worried about someone that I am very close to. I've talked to her about someone in her life that is not of good. She needs to listen, and really listen now! Bad feelings about this situation. I've tried everything before, and she won't respond to my emails, and I don't know how to get this message to her. :o( She did tell me that she might come over tomorrow. I hope so, so I can tell her about this dream and the bad feelings I'm getting. I'm also wondering about someone else. Ever since my daughter has moved out, I haven't heard from her. And she has told me over and over that we are good friends and that she would be here for me if I needed someone, because I was there for her. Well, I haven't heard or seen her since! hhhmmm. You know, it makes it hard to trust people when they say one thing and do another! That really gets under my skin. And it hurts too. Oh well. :o( Chalk it up to another life lesson that I've learned.

More time to think....being alone doesn't help. I am really hurt by allowing others to talk to me when they need to, while in the mean time, I put all of my baggage and pain, on the back burner for them. And for them to get information from me when I don't realize it, and where are they at when I could use them to talk to? Not even a thank you for the photos I send to them. Or even to let me know that they did recieve them. How rude to use me that way. Like I said, I've really learned a lesson through this. Nothing more from me, I need to take care of me, and no more sending photos. Why should I? My name is Lisa, not door MAT!

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