Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another day........

Yesterday was just another day like the day before. :o) I'm still not feeling very well. yesterday was a bit worse. My daughter is getting a little better, which is good. She really needed this much needed rest and help for her to heal. :o) To bad I'm not able to go to her apertment and clean it all up for her to go back to. That would help her as well. :o) She went over there yesterday to pick up a few things, and came back and told me that it's worse then what it was before she left to come here. :o( I feel so bad for her. Her boy friend hasn't helped her. :o( In my opinion.

I was able to take a nap yesterday and when I got up, I was really feeling sick. :o( Plus...all the fibro pain and muscle cramping and lumps. :o( I was able to be in bed for awhile to rest my body up. My sister and I played a game. :o)

I wasn't able to get to bed at my usual time. I only had 3 hours sleep. gggrrrr. I'll just take another nap again today. :o) My daughter got to bed at a good time last night and is still sleeping! YaY! :o) She really needs this. :o)

Well...I need to go tend to the baby now. :o) Thank you for your comments...please keep them comming. :o) God bless you all. :o)

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