Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just moving along.......

Yesterday my sister and I watched my grandson again so my daughter could get some rest that she really needs. I'm really worried about her. :o(

Still.....I'm feeling the same. My physical therapist is coming this morning. I slept with the heating pad on my left hip and upper thigh again last night. It sort of helps, but not, if that makes any sence. No body will ever know how much I so appreciate my sister helping me! :o) After she has been here, she has seen how much help that I really do need, and am not getting it. I told her what I write in this journal is the truth and when I say that I'm alone, I really am! My mom used to call me and come over, but still hasn't done it in a long time. I've noticed a change, but she says she hasn't changed....well, she has when it comes to calling me and dropping by to check on me. Like I said, when I talk about what I'm going through and the pain and the muscle lumps that I have, I'm not lying about it! Yes, I do need help. And thankfully my sister has noticed it and has been helping me so much. :o) Just tto bad that she will be leaving sometime. But at least I have help now. :o) My husband works his arse off and can only do so much when he comes home from work. And I really appreciate what he does as well.

With having so much on my mind right now concerning my daughter and grandson, it has taken a toll on me a bit. I do see an end coming with that situation soon. Hopefully. I'm doing all I can to help out with her and for her. :o) She really needs it right now.

No one will ever know the pain that I go through every second of my day, and no one will ever really know the apprecitation I have for those that do help me and see that I really do need a lot more help then others see. Again, I may look good on the out side, but you'll never know what I'm going through on the inside. And I hope that no one ever does. My sister is going to help me finish this room! YAY! Finally I'll be all unpacked! I'm very excited about that! :o) I've needed help in this room ever since we've moved in here alittle over a year ago! That right there shows you the kind of help I get. :o( I feel ignored all the time. Everything else is done in this house, but my room. Go figure! :o( And others wonder why I feel the way I do? hhhmmm! Wouldn't you feel ignored?

Thats all for now. God bless and gentle hugs to you all. :o) Have a good day! :o)


soupergurl68 said...

Yes Lisa I cant wait to get styarted on that room....Even when I get a job I will still be here to help you cause thats what you need and thats what people who care about people do.... they help others no matter what. I love you and will help you as much as possible.  ;0)~ I know things will work out with your daughter and grandson as well. Like me just keep the faith...... Love you bunches Kimmie

seraphoflove9001 said...

aaaawwwww, thank you so much! :o)

jeanno43 said...

I understand because I live with constant pain as well.  Hard to live inside our bodies sometimes.  Big hugs.