Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another not so good day........

Again, I was in bed most of the day. I had the heating pad on my left hip and upper thigh. It helps a bit. I'm still very weak, and having some trouble walking and getting around. It really gets boring to be in bed all the time. But again...if it will help, I'll do it. I'm still having problems with my upper body. My shoulders and upper arms are very weak as well. By the, I'm not having a pitty party, nor am I trying to "manipulate" anyone when I write what I do in my journal. I feel that I need to make that very clear. I write the facts and the truth of what I go through in my everyday life. Nothing more. (for the person that is collecting information on me for further action that I have brought on myself)

My daughter finished up her laundry yesterday, and left early. :o( I love it when she and the baby are here. :o) My sister went out job hunting. She found some promising leads. :o) YAY! My son helped me out yesterday by cleaning parts of the house. :o) I really appreciate it when he is able to help. :o) My sister baked a pinnapple up side down cake yesterday! :o) It was so good, but way off my diet! I had to try it! :o)

Again, I was looking for anyone or anyplace that could help me with my medical needs. I came across this web site:

I wrote an email. I haven't recieved any responce back yet, but I am not going to give up. This web site is the most promising that I've seen so far. :o) I put the link up to help others that might need help with anything they might have. :o) And good luck to you. :o) They have grants for almost everything! I hope it helps at least one person. :o)

Today I'm starting another one of my new nedicines. This one will help me to stop smoking. Good Grief! I really want to quit so bad. I know this will work. :o) I think I will start my other new medicine tomorrow, the one for my blood and liver. I don't like to start all of my new meds. at the same time just in case I might have a reaction to one of them, then I wouldn't know which one it would be. So, I'm doing this slowlythis time. :o) So far, so good! :o)

I want to thank everyone for all of your comments. :o) I need all of you advice and support. :o) And I thank you for it. :o) God bless you all. :o)



dianneclewien said...

I am so sorry that I have not been staying up with your journal like I should. But there has been so much turmoil in my family that past 2 weeks or so that I can be barely stay on top of it.
I so wish I were rich then I would send you the motorized wheel chair you so badly need. Keep your chin up surely something good will happen yet.

soupergurl68 said...

Sorry for you to be in so much pain. Im doing the best I can do too bad you cant get some more help from others or at least get checked on now and then.....

seraphoflove9001 said...

I know Kimmie. I wish I could get the help from others too. But for some reason they all feel that they haven't changed, and that I must be "ok" if I look it! :o( Now you do see that what I write in this journal is the truth. When I say I'm alone, I honestly mean that I really am, and it scars me to be alone. And since I've gotten worse in my condition, I really need so much more help. But still am not getting it. :o( Mom used to call me and drop by to check on me, but hasn't in a very long time. I think I still know why on that one. :o( Oh well. Just my life and you are witnessing it like I write it.