Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another one of Jeanntte's quizes.......

A little bit of fun for a Sunday.  Please leave your answers under comments or on your journals.

So, here we go  ~

1.    Madonna.


2.    Tony Blair?


3.   Elizabethe Hurley?


4.   Simon Cowell? 


5.   Micheal Douglas? 


6.   Julia Roberts?


7.   Johnny Depp?


8.   Suzanne Sommers?


9.   George W. Bush?


Who do you think they are?


jeanno43 said...

Well, you are in the lead so far with six of them correct.  Thanks for taking part.  Hope everyone does not leave their answers here though because I will probably not be able to work out who won lol.  Well done.

akapussnboots said...

I thought I would try this one, if you need to send my answers somewhere else thats fine. ok, I am going to agree with you on some of them. you know me not to good at this kind of think lol.  1. madonna,  2. jack klugman,  3. elizabeth hurley,  4. tony randall,  5. micheal dougless,  6. julia roberts,  7. johny depp,  8. morgan fairchild,  9. george bush.

jeanno43 said...

You have now dropped to five lol.

zombiesprincess7 said...

1. Madonna
2.Tony Blair
3.Angilina Jolie
4.Simon Cowell
5. Emilio Estevez
6.Julia Roberts
7.Johnny Depp
8.Pamela Anderson
9.George W Bush