Thursday, January 19, 2006

What a day it was...........

Well...yesterday was a very full day. First, I went to my appointment. My doctor was in with me for about an hour. He finally got to see my muscle lumps! The large ones that I still have on my left leg. He thought that I had done something that might have caused them to bulk up that way like walking too much or excerting myself in someway. Nope! I told him that I have those all over my body all the time and that this was the first time that he has seen them. I think he was pretty amazed by the sizes of them. My mom was with me and she can tell you the same thing on his reactions. He didn't give me anything for them. Just to keep my physical therapist working on me and to get plenty of rest. Yea right! :o) Thats what I've been doing. And I told him this as well. Before I left to go to my doctors, my daughter had called me. She was still very sick. I told her to wait until I get back from my appountment and I would come and get the baby so she could go to the ER. She came back here after the ER. She found out that she has monoucleosis and strep throat!!!!! :o( No wonder she has been feeling the way she has for a few weeks! :o( She is infectious and I have her and the baby here with me so she can get the rest she needs and so I can take care of the baby. Thankfully the baby is still on his medicine from last week when he had a his body will be fighting off the infection of what she has. The ER doctor let her know this. Whew! Had I known this before I went to see my doctor, I would have had him check me. I might go ahead and call today and let them know and see if I can get in as soon as possible. We've got in touch with everyone that she has been around in the past 2 weeks to let them know. My husband and I were very busy last night taking care of the both of them. :o) Having a new baby and not getting the rest and help that she needs is what had caused this. I'm glad that I do watch the baby from time to time so she can get her rest and help. I feel so bad for her. Too bad she doesn't live here so I can help her out more often.

My doctor took some blood tests at my last visit. The results weren't too bad as they have been in the past. I'm doing better with my diet. Some of the tests were high because I did let him know because of the holidays I did go off my diet. So, the test results were pretty good knowing I was off my diet. :o) Oneof the test results, a white blood count was high, so now it makes since on why that was high. My body is fighting of some kind of an infection. Thats why I really need to go back to be checked. He also wants me to quit smoking. Which I would love to myself, but have failed many times trying in the past. He gave me a medicines to give me 10 days to ease up on smoking and then after that I have a patch to wear and I won't be able to smoke after that. I'm glad that I don't have to quit cold turkey! Even he said that is impossible to do. Glad that he understands that! :o) Whew! So, we'll see how this will go. :o) I'm going to really work hard on this. :o) Wish me luck! :o) He also gave me more Tylenol 3 for my pain. And another medicine for my cholestrol. When I walked out of the pharmacy, I had one of those extra large white bags! LOL That was embaressing! LOL But at least I'm set for awhile on my medicines. :o)

Well, thats about all for now. :o) I know that my day today will be a busy one. :o) Please keep the comments coming! :o) God bless you all. :o)

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jeremysbabydaul2 said...

I love you mom!! Thank you so much for helping me out. I REALLY needed it. Thanks again. <3