Friday, January 27, 2006

This Glass Box

As I sit alone,

Still watching people around me,

I'm in a glass box thats well known.

Feelings are rushing and I'm waiting,

Do you hear me-Do you see me?

I'm the one yelling and waving.

I'm not the one missing out,

I'm not the one who has changed

The people who have, are too many to count.

I didn't chose to be this way,

Life threw me a surprise

I didn't lose my life, unless you think it's that way?

To be the same person inside a different body and shell,

It's still me, just look deeper inside

Then, and only then, you might see what I go through and the hell.

For you to not take the time,

makes me wonder about everything you've told me

And now it seems as though it has all stopped on a dime.

I will no more be submissive to your words and tales,

Words that are spoken with no feeling

Only make me stiff to even inhale.

I have feelings and I'm not dead,

But somewhere you must have forgotten

Because of the many times I have been mislead.

I'm still here as I sit alone,

Still watching people around me

Still in this glass box that is well known.

1 comment:

soupergurl68 said...

AWWWWW Lisa that ws soo good I know what you mean ... but you arent invisible to me you know that no matter where I am you are always with me and I Love You Bunches.......