Saturday, October 9, 2004

.....a box a day!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Cue in, "the back pain.....!" That seems to be the only pain that I've been having lately, is only my back now. Since I've lost some weight, and my legs and ankles don't swell any more, my ankles seem to be weak now. Well, again, they have always been weak, thats why I've always twisted my ankles and broken things, like my bones through the years! So, I am aware of that. I twisted both of them last night! lol It just makes me feel more and more, back to "normal" again! My best friend called me last night, and asked me if I wanted to go to WH. Of course I did! YAY! She sprung me lose from my room! I tried something new again. I didn't take my walker with me. I didn't even hold her arm for any support! I did it! YESSS! It's not that much of a walk, but, I did it! :o) What it probably looked like to on-lookers was a pregnant woman walking slowly. I don't care! :o) Things are starting to happen now. To the good! I do still remember that I also need to rest afterwards, because I need to build up my strength. I have been "trying" to pack. But, it just seems that I can only get in a box a day! I over heat still! Very badly! I'll pack a box, over heat, then it takes about an hour of me sitting in front of a fan, to cool off. I have to pack. I am getting ready to go upstairs to take a look at the things up there as well. Today is going to be rest day....I'm hoping. :o) Bye.

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