Friday, October 8, 2004

Yesterday was a pretty good day!

Yesterday, my daughter's boy friends mom brought her up. :o) It was so good to see her finally! I took some photo's of her, and she looks so cute! She has lost weight, in fact, I thought she looked like skin and bones. But, thats what happens when you get pregnant, you lose weight, then you put it on! She has this beautiful glow about her! I seen her, for the first time, as a woman. :o) I hope her boy friend fixes her car this weekend like he said, so she can visit more often. :o) As for the fibro pain, I'm doing ok. Just still my back. Nothing new. I've come to terms, that I'll never get rid of that pain. Which is better than having a full body pain, anyday! My one sister that moved away, had moved back a few weeks ago, and she called me last night. She told me that she is on a mission to make sure that she stays in touch with her family now. Keyword:Now! After the time before she moved, when she came back the last time, and now? Why? It's really hard, and will take a long time for her to earn her trust back with me. Other than all of that going on, I suppose things are ok here in my room. Bye.

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