Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I didn't get much sleep at all. I couldn't take a nap. I tried to, but I just couldn't get sleepy! I hate the way my sleep disorder does to me! If I don't get to sleep when I need to, then, when I'm up all night, I can't get to sleep at all! It's just so stupid. :o( All day yesterday, my back was killing me! My right shoulder, and my legs were weak. Great! Just what I needed! But again, this is good ole' fibromyalgia for ya'! My son and his girl friend both have the flu/cold. I have it now. :o( I have a fever as well, so I know I'm contagous. So, as always, we will be sure to pass this along for a few weeks to everyone in the house! Again, with fibromyalgia, I'll have it the longest, like always. Thats life. My sister called me last night, the one that has fibromyalgia as well, to see if I wanted to go get coffee with her and our mom. I was eating at the time. But when I started to tell her that, we seemed to get disconnected. Dead air. I called her back and left a message on her phone to let her know that I couldn't, and thanks for the invite! :o) I just took my night time pills at 6:30, because I was finally getting tired! Then my other sister called, and told me about her son's dream. She was also asking me questions about others that I felt she should have asked them, not me. So, I just told her about their health, and I know nothing! No more game playing here! I was getting so tired, and was not at all feeling good. At about 8:30, I went to bed. I had the fan on me, because I was hot. When I woke up this morning at 5:30, I was sweating so badly. eeewww! I still have a temp. and I'm all "achey" all over. OUCH! My shoulder is better, but my back still hurts. Not as bad. I'm glad. I have a feeling that I'll probably end up in bed most of the day. Oh well, maybe I'll "shake" this cold/flu thing. Yuk!

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