Thursday, October 7, 2004 pain this morning!

My back is really hurting me this morning. My right shoulder is as well. I probably just slept wrong, I don't know. I just took Advil, and I can already feel it relax a bit more. Well, my husband came home yesterday and gave me the big's oficial...WE GOT THE HOUSE! I am very excited, but not looking forward to the packing. I started to pack some boxes yesterday, and over heated, and it took an hour for me to cool down! Oh well, I can do it, get over heated, then go cool down. That will be that. That way it will get done. My daughter and her boyfriends mom is coming up today for a visit. I'm very excited to see my daughter! I will be doing a reading, so I'll need some quiet time. After they leave, I'll probably just go lay down, and dream it away. I guess I'll go now.

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