Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This could mean pain! :o(

I'm glad my day was good early on, yesterday. I went to see my doctor. He was so pleased to see how much better that I am. He even said that I can take myself off of two more medicines. One of them, all together be off of it. The other one, only take it when I have pain! YES! I come home, and layed down for a nap. I do this so I can be sure, or at least try to stay out of as much pain as I can. It worked. My back did feel better. Ok....I'm on a medicine schedual. Plus, a daily schedual. I have to have those for my health. For instance: I can't stay up late for 2 nights in a row. I can't take my medicines late either. Both of those will through me into a tail spin. I had just got into bed last night. I take my night time meds. at 9:30. I know by that, I will usually be in bed by 10:30, or earlier. I'm always the last in this house to go to bed. Then, I hear the phone ringing. I got up and answered it. Gee, it was my one sister that felt she couldn't wait until today to call me, to tell me about a dream her son had! I asked her if she would call me today, when I'm up! She knows my problems, and my schedual, and all about my pills. She came and stayed here before. I even told her! But, thats the thing with her, she only listens if it concerns her! So, after that, I was up all night! I didn't get to bed until 4:20! Great! I am not feeling well on top of my fibro pain. I had a fever as well yesterday. This morning, when I did get up, I woke up with a very bad headache, my back is litteraly killing me, and my shoulders are now hurting me! If she called me for attention, then this is her time for "HER!" Live it up, Kim! I hope you're happy now! I'm now useless for the rest of the day. This is the sister that lied to me, and stole from our mother, and her husband, and she had her daughter with her to help! She's back in town, and hoping that all she has done can be forgotten. Oh sure... NOT! It takes awhile to earn trust back. And that only depends on how hard she claims to "care" like she says! If she could walk in anyone's shoe's that has fibromyalgia, she would then, and only then realize what it's like to be me!  

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