Saturday, October 2, 2004

Up just a little too early!

I found out yesterday that I'm allgeric to my dentures! Of all things! I went to the dentist the other day because my jaws were hurting. I had no idea that I had also been hurting on the inside of my mouth as well! Which has now lead to me not being able to wear them any more until I see him next, in 3 weeks. This fibromyalgia stuff is really frustrating me. I'm so tiered of all the numbness through out my body, and I honestly don't feel anything until it's too late. He gave me Motrin 800 millagrams, and a mouth wash. They both make me tired! Gee...why wouldn't they....everything else does! Thats why I'm up so early. My fibromyalgia pain is still the same. Nothing new, or any surprises.....that I know of. Just like last year, I broke my ankle and didn't even know it, because I couldn't feel it. I feel a little cynical right now. I feel that my daughter is trying to use me as a scape goat. She can't use her father, because they're not speaking. I got 2 letters from her so far, and both of them have contradicted each other. If she needs to hang something on me, to make her situation better, then so be it. The stress is killing me. All I ever did was love her. And I will always, no matter what.

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