Sunday, October 3, 2004

I'm beat! :o)

Yesterday was a very full day! My mum, my sister and I went out to lunch, and then went to the mall. The mall has their own wheel chairs, and of course, I had my walker with me. The sister that went, is the one that has fibromyalgia as well. :o( I got a wheel chair, and I had her use my walker. I'm glad she did. I was really getting worried about her. She was in her first really big pains, and she needed to stop and rest. I told her to turn the walker around, and sit down. It helped her. :o) To actually see her this way, upsets me in so many ways. First of all, to see her go through, what I already know is very painful. And second, to think that I have a more severe case of this, and others see me the way I am, and go about their bussiness, and not at all help me out! How do they sleep at nights? I'm talking about my own family members. And thats the sad part, "family members!" The 3 of us seem to be all we have, and we help each other as much as we can. We did have fun, no matter what the obsticles were! :o) Today, I'm in a lot of pain. Even though I was in a wheel chair. It doesn't matter with this disease. I can walk, I can sit, I could be in bed, and still have the same pains! I wonder how my sister feels today? I sure hope not like me. Ouchie! I haven't heard from my daughter in a few days. I hope she's doing fine. I really miss her. And I mean "miss her," in a way of the way she used to be with me. She would at least write me a letter just to say she loved me, or hi. Like I said, I miss my daughter. Hi Nena..I love you, and my grandbaby!

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