Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Sleep was great!

I finally got some sleep! It was very restless. I'm now wondering if I'm getting what my son has. With fibromyalgia, it's so hard to filter out what's not a part of it, and what's something else. I'm really feeling miserable this morning. Plus, it could have something to do with the weather we've been having. It's 27 degrees out! Way too cold for me! bbbuuurrr! My back is really in some pain. Thats where all of my pain began with all of this, so I usually expect it. Other than that, I don't know if anything else is in too much pain. I'm still numb! I finally know of someone else that has this problem as I do! They have a full body numbness with their fibromyalgia as well. I don't feel so weird anymore. My legs and ankles are not swelling anymore! YAY! My hands were last night. The reason might be for that, could be because I might have used too hot of water washing them. I don't know. They were pretty puffy, and red. They are fine now. I seen my daughter on line yesterday, and was able to talk to her. :o) It made my day. She has an appointment to get her first aultra sound done on the 25 of this month, and I want to be there with her! :o) I can't wait! At least I hope I can get down there to be with her, and to see the first photo of my grand baby. :o) I need to go. Byeeee!

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