Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Much better day!

Yesterday was so much better. I had such a fulfilling day. :o) I was able to help a someone out! Now that makes me feel good! I am an empath, and are able to help others with readings. Since my fibromyalgia has become worse, it has taken so much from me, just to try to do the "mind over matter," to help with my pain. It litterally zaps me. I do have good days, to where I am able to "recieve" things, to help others. Through a lot of concentration, I was able to help someone, and thats one of the best feelings ever! I'd much rather help someone, then ever hurt anyone. I'm a virgo, and thats just the way I am. :o) I wasn't in very much pain at all, yesterday. Things seem to be levaling out somehow in my body. Thats a very good thing to happen right now. It sure is giving me a break on all of that horrid pain. Which does consume me. It's just like a fight against me, and the fibromyalgia. But, I have a feeling that I will win this thing! :o) I will not give up until I do!

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