Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm hurting inside.........

I'm not getting any better from this stupid cold/flu thing. I still have a fever. I got up at 3:00 this morning! Way too early. I'll just take naps during the day. My fibromyalgia stuff is the same. My back is hurting me, and my knees. I think my knees are hurting maybe because of the cold/flu thing. Who knows. I had to change my sheets yesterday, and it really did me in. Whew! I over heated bad! It kind of scared me a bit. I had my fans on, and my air conditioner on as well, to cool down. It worked after about 2 hours. Just because I'm getting better in certain areas, doesn't mean I still don't need help in others. Again, it must come down to, "well, you're looking so much better!" Thats on the outside. It's just like in the begining all over again. Oh well. It's me, I can bounce back. NOT! Not always. I have the same feelings as everyone else does. I had to do something that I really didn't want to do. I found some papers that my daughter needs. But neither of us could come to each others home to get/give them. She asked me to write it out in an email. There are 8 pages of them. I did my best. I found them over the weekend, and I did my best in writing them to her. I just wished I could have given them to her myself. It makes me mad that I couldn't. :o( I didn't know of anyone that could take me to her where she lives. Plus, everyone was busy any ways. I'm hurting so badly, deep inside because of this. Again, oh well. Sweetie...I tried and you know I did! I love you so much! :o) If I knew that my car would make it, I would have tried. When it comes to my kids, they come first!

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