Monday, October 11, 2004

.....a relaxing day.

I had another relaxing day yesterday. It's been so nice for me, the last few days. My husband and I have gotten a lot of things worked out. Plus, not having much pain sure does make a world of differences! I still do have back pain. Yesterday it was really hurting me. I needed to go Sears to get a few items, and my husband said he would take me. So, thankfully, they now have shopping carts there, and it made it so much easier on me. He looked at tools, while I bought my items. We were done and out of there in no time flat! Then my back was hurting me pretty bad. I just came home and took a nap with my dog, and dreamt it away. When I woke up, it did feel a bit better. I have a doctors appointment today at 1:00. My physical therapist comes at 11:00. I can't wait for either of them. I have a feeling that my doctor will be a little surprised at how I am doing. He should look at how I'm doing, and not the fact that I'm not taking his medicines. Oh well, if he don't. I didn't get any boxes packed, but neither did anyone else. So I don't feel bad about not getting to it. I called my mom yesterday to let her know that I had an appointment today, and she said she would call me and we would talk when she got home, after she checked her email. I didn't get a call, and I didn't get an email. Thats ok, that must mean something must have came up. I haven't heard from her all week. So, if she doesn't come today to take me to my doctor, I can try to drive it myself. :o) My allergic reaction to my dentures, doesn't seem to be clearing up very fast. That concerns me. I am still using the wash. Like the dentist said, the fibromyalgia can do strange things to people, and it just wanted to make me allergic to my dentures. Of all things! My daughter has been very sick with her pregnancy. I really hope that she will be ok. She's sick all day, and everyday. :o( When I seen her, she was nothing but skin and bones. Thats not good. I really wish she was here, so I could at least help her through her first trimester. But, oh well. Her choice. Bye.

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