Saturday, December 25, 2004

.....and once again!

This has to get through to someone.....To all of the "normals" again. I've experianced this, and I know others with fibromyalgia has as well. To all "normals".....Please remember that your loved ones, mothers, sisters, brothers fathers, and relatives that have this dilbiltating disease.....are in pain either most or all of the time. At times, when talking or observing them, they may have a look about their face of grimace, or a "pissed" look.....they're not! Just in pain. Nothing more....just in pain. It does not mean they are mad at you, just in a silent pain of their own. The feeling of being alone is bad enough, and when you ask the dreaded question, "What, are you mad?" will only make them worse.....more tense and stressed....which adds more pain. See...a domino effect. Is this making any sence at all? I can be sitting, and may "look" like I'm fully relaxed, and someone starting a conversation with me....I may look at them, and automatically, they think I'm mad! Why? Not for what I've said....because the look on my face. It's just that I'm in so much pain, and no one to relate this to...and again...more stress put on me. Why? I only wish I knew why my friends and relatives can remember that I do have this Demon inside of me....and be a little more sensative to my expressions. I've had this for a long time now.....and still...I'm alone! Because no one can remember that I'm in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I walk with a walker, and sleep in a hospital bed....and no one can remember? Why? I've heard of others with this same problem....their spouces not understanding them with this horrid Demon disease! Why? You'd think that the ones that do live with you would realize! The "normals" need to be educated more on fibromyalgia. If you "normals" out there really love and care for your friends and relatives with this disease, you honestly need to learn more about it! If your loved one or friend has a grimace look on their face....start out by asking them if they are feeling alright....but never assume that they are mad, or in a bad mood! It's not fare to's something that we can not help. Make any sence? The two main things that we are supposed to make better in our lives are; stay away from stress, and get as much sleep as possible. When you are accused of being in a mood that you are not in, only because of your pain....added stress, which also could make you not that what you want for your loved one or friend? Educate yourselves! Please.

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