Sunday, December 5, 2004

My life.

Yesterday was an intersting day. Yes....I did get a few e mails from my last entries from yesterday. Good and bad. I honestly don't care if anyone doesn't understand. I'm not trying to sound crass, just honest about me and my life.

I was able to take a nap yesterday. That really did help me with my pain. I'm feeling a bit better now. I do still have all of those little crampings in my back, legs, arms, and my feet. But it's getting to the point to were I can take it. I'm having problems with my right ankle for some reason. It feels as if I twisted it again, and I haven't. I broke that ankle last summer. It was never set right, and I've had problems with it since. But, it's feeling like I've either we broke it, or just twisted it pretty bad. I just try to ignore it. As I do all of my other pains. What else am I suppose to do? I do have to go on with my life, as do anyone else. Don't I? My friend invited me to go out with her last night! YAY! I had a blast! I really needed it. Thank you! It was so nice to get out for awhile. :o) I got a little bit more hours of sleep last night. I got 5 hours! YAY! Thats the most I've had in so long. Sleep really does help my pain. As other fibro's know. :o) Well....that was just another glimps into my life. :o)

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