Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A day from hell!

Yesterday morning, my daughter and I went to her doctor's appointment. Her boy friend never has gone with her, even though he is the father of the baby! I go! Which I would any way. She told him an aproximate time that we should have been back. Then he goes to bed, because he works nights. Not yesterday! Nope! Since we went last week, and the doctor wasn't there, they had to reschedual all appointments! So....that meant that the office was packed yesterday! She got in to see the doctor at the time she told him that we would be back.....not her fault...right?! Since it was lunch time after she got out...I asked if she would like to go to McDonald's. Which was right across the bridge from his office. We got home around 1:20. The bridge that we had to cross, was under construction! Did we know that? NO! We were stuck in that traffic for about 15 minutes, just to cross the bridge! Not her fault...right?! The bridge goes over a major highway...I 70! We get home, and there sat her boy friend on the couch, and I started to tell hime some good news about her visit. Plus, wondering why he was still awake. He starts to head up the stairs! Then when my daughter came in the room to tell him all the good news about the baby....he imediatly TELLS her that she HAS to call HIS mom!!! I don't think so! And why?! Here...the time that she had told him that we should have been back, he was on the phone to his mom, asking if she had heard from my daughter! Duh....who do you think she would call first?! That put her in a very stressful situation! Because I came home to emails from her...that weren't nice! Wrong thing to do! So, my daughter's bubble was poped as soon as we got home! All because of her boy friends mom! I also has a voice mail from her, demanding her to call her as soon as she got home, because she "had to talk to her now!!!" I don't think so! My daughter was in tears...and I was so angry at the fact that this lady thinks she can say and do what ever she feels she wants to, when it comes to my daughter! Not in my life time! That meant I was stressed out as well! Not a good thing either! So...yesterday..the whole day, my daughter was very stressed out from this woman. :o( She had a few pains, and got sick. I blame her for that! I woke up this morning at 2:30 with the sensation of my feet on fire! They felt "normal" to me, by touching them. Since the stress I was under as well yesterday, I am going through more pain then I should be as well. Nota good thing! After I finish writing this, I'm going to write her a letter, asking her to please stop harrassing my daughter, and putting her under so much stress! We don't need this. She could end up losing the baby, and I will have more pain that I don't want! Plain and simple!

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