Saturday, December 11, 2004

Weird how quickly things can change?!

Situations that have been in this house, with others that live here as well, have been cleared up!

Now....with my body, thats a different story. I wasn't able to do much yesterday. I did put a few things out, that were sitting to be cleaned, and put out. But, not with out something having to give me pain! No way! What would I expect? Thankfully, this is Saterday. My husband is home, and he is going to help me get things put out, and cleaned. He helped me out last night. I had to sit in a chair, while he got things out of boxes, held them up for me, and I decided were they went, or to throw them away, because I didn't want to mess with them. We did, however, get through a couple of boxes that way. Which is good. My right ankle hurts, and it's the one that I broke last summer. It has been shooting pain up to my knee. Not easy to walk that way. Especially when you have cramping in your thigh, as well. I did get some sleep last night. That will help me out today. My shoulders, back, hips, left leg, and my feet are still in pain. I find it the oddest thing, how quickly your body can change, with pain, in one minute!

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