Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A nothing unusual day.

Yesterday, I didn't do anything but put supper in a slow cooker, and let it cook all day. I really wasn't feeling all that well, but, it still could be that I'm still doing too much for my body. I honestly don't know what is "too much" or "too little." Or even just right. It really gets old after awhile, trying to "guess" at it. It's just a day by day thing. Lately, for me, it's been an hour by hour guessing game. Too bad not many people know what I'm actually talking about. My pain has still been localized to my back and legs still. I was able to shave my legs yesterday!!! Wooohooo! My back let me bend enough to do it! You don't know how that feels, not being able to shave your legs because of your back not letting you. Boy did it feel great! I payed for it afterwards, but, my legs do feel much better now. :o) Today my daughter is suppose to go to her baby doctor. But, I just got an email from our local news and weather, and we are on a weather storm warning. We are going to get hit with a lot of snow real soon. :o( Her doctor is about an hour away from here. I don't think we should drive in that weather. I'm going to ask her if she could reschedual her appointment. She really wants to hear the baby's heart beat, but I feel that it's more important to be safe, then to take a chance of getting in an accident. Last night, my son has a lot of presents in his room, and I asked him if he could bring them all down and put them in the living room, to make it look more like Christmas here. He did, and my daughter went and got all of hers as well. :o) I like the way it looks. We don't have any decorations or tree up, because we don't have the room for it all. But with the presents out, it looks so much better. :o) I'm going now....my right arm is starting to act up on me again.

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