Friday, December 17, 2004

A little bit better.

Yesterday, my leg did feel a bit better. I feel that what I did to help it the previous day must have worked. When I got up yesterday morning, my whole body felt as if I was "under water!" My arms were heavy to move up, and to walk, was pretty hard to do. My next doctors appointment is soon, and I can't wait. I need some kind of explination for all of this new stuff. It's really scaring me. I know I'm an adult, but, walk in my shoes for 5 minutes, then you'll feel it. I found out last night, that Christmas is going to be very tight this year. :o( Gift cards for the kids, and our nieces and nephews will get a card with money in them. But....the real meaning of Christmas isn't the gifts any's celebrating the birth of Christ! Thats all that matters. :o)

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