Tuesday, December 7, 2004

......now I pay for it.

Well yesterday, I did pay for my night of a chance to slow dance. Thats ok....I had so much fun doing it. :o) I didn't do anything yesterday. I already knew that I couldn't even unpack one box. Thats ok. I'm not getting any help, at least from my daughters boy friend. I had a feeling that would be the case when he moved in. My husband was out in the garage last night, breaking down boxes, and getting the trash ready to go out. He comes in, and asks if he can put his ATV in the garage! As if we have the room, and, as if we got any help from him to help make room for it! He never once asked my husband if he needed any help! How rude! My son helped us move, and he is also suppose to help do things around the house. He isn't doing his job as well. He says why does he have to, if my daughters boy friend isn't? So, My husband and I are the only ones that have been doing all the unpacking! Gee...what a surprise?! We've also noticed the change in my daughter when she's around him, and not around him. She acts like herself when he's not around, and then when he is, she has this look in her eyes as if she has to do what ever he says! This is not right! He hasn't once given us any money for help with food, or anything! My son does, and he goes to the grocery to buy his own food for the week, and for work. I try to talk to my daughter about certain things, and when I bring up his name, it's like I'm talking to a wall! She changes that fast! It's just not right! She's pregnant, and he will sit on the couch, while she carries their stuff in the house! WoW! What a man! What a catch! My husband is about to let lose on him! My fear is that he'll convince her that we are the bad people again...and take her away from here, and her family! If she allows that, and does that, then I'm through! She knows right from wrong. And when he's not around, she helps me. It's like he makes her not help us, or want to even talk to us. She won't even do that much! Very weird and odd! I've never seen her this way. I'm very worried about her. And so is the rest of the family that has seen this. He's NOT a hard worker like she says, and he hasn't lifted a finger to help any of us or her out! He does nothing....he does put more stress on her, and I hear her yell at him! He doesn't think of the baby, or her. I'm going to have a talk with the both of them very soon! I can't take it much more! It's driving me nuts! We would have been done by now, with unpacking and putting things away, if we would have gotten more help, instead of others sitting around and watching a person that uses a walker to get around with, working more then they should! Very lazy! And I'm paying for all that I have done! Not good!

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