Wednesday, December 8, 2004 better now. :o)

Yesterday I emptied a few more boxes. It seems to be never ending. I had a very good talk with my daughter about her and her boyfriend. It went well, and better then I expected. Things went more smoothly yesterday. :o) I'm glad.

I've been having more cramping in my left leg. And of course, my arms, shoulders, back, and feet. All of the usual things that I have hurting me day to day. Whats new?! Just my stupid life, thats all. When I layed down for a nap yesterday, I had those horrible "pins and needles" on the bottoms of my feet! Then I get them in my legs as well. :o( My left leg is still going numb on me. No, not going asleep, numb! I just pray that they both don't do it at the same time. You know, I'm so tired of putting on a "mask" for everyone else. I'm tired of everyone "thinking" that I'm fine! I'm not! It has to be why I don't hear from someone that is very important to me.I hear from my sister.From now on in my writings, I feel I have to be "black and white" and very blunt, to get through to others, that don't live with this horrid disease! I realize that everyone else has a life they need to live as well. I am too. But alone. Just because I'm not in an exacerbation, doesn't mean I'm not in pain, or hurting.

Life goes on.....even if it is a life that you didn't pick!

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