Thursday, December 23, 2004

Who ordered a mini blizzard?!

Ok....the photo's that I have are from this morning at 4:30. It started to snow at 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning, and it hasn't stopped! We have right now, 15 inches! And it's still snowing! They say we are expected to get at least 5 more inches! Yikes! We had a mini blizzard last night. The winds are still blowing, but not as bad. The photo's are hard to view because of the snow drifts, you can't see where anything starts or stops.

I wrote a letter to my daughter's boy friend's mom yesterday, asking her nicely to not talk to my daughter in the manner she has been. She called her and talked to her nicely. :o) It better stay that way.

I woke up this morning all by myself! YAY! I still have the pain, but I was able to sleep through it. My legs are still giving me a problem. My back, my shoulders, my ribs, my arms, and my hands have been cramping up, as well as my feet. I'm still noticing my eye sight is getting worse. :o( Oh well....the life of a fibro person.

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