Friday, December 31, 2004

I got out of the house...YAY!

Yesterday....I was able to get out for awhile! Since it was like a Friday...I went to the store, instead of my husband. It was later in the evening, but, I did it! YES! It felt so good to get out and see the town, and how the snow is. It was in the 40's all day yesterday, and melted a little of it. There are still places that you can't see, because of the corners are so high with snow! I grabbed my daughter, and asked her if she would go with me. :o) We had a lot of fun, just her and I. :o)

My neck and shoulder is really hurting now. It was before I went to the store. It woke me up again this morning. I got up at 3:25. :o( This is really getting old. Again....this is what's it's like!

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