Thursday, December 16, 2004

I must expect too much.

Yesterday, my left leg was useless. I woke up at 11:30 p.m.! I went to bed at 10:30! I layed in bed in so much pain. My right knee was starting in on me as well. Great! Just what I needed. All day yesterday, my left leg would go numb on me, no matter what I was doing. It felt as if it was the size of a tree trunk, and felt very heavy. I kept it up as much as possible. Hell...what am I suppose to do! I had no idea that this was part of fibromyalgia as well. I've been through such pain in my back, that I've cried for hours....but nothing like this! And I thought my back pain was bad. Not! This disease does nothing but seem to get worse! Now I have a leg that won't work! It just "drags" behind. If you're thinking that I should tell my doctor....I have! He has no explination to tell me. I'm learning all of this on my own! I'm scared. I couldn't take much more of the pain, and numbing of my leg, so I went to my room and layed down to get it up. Right after I layed down, my best friend came over. She had a gift for me to unwrap! She said that she was going through her presents under her tree, and saw mine, and thought I might be able to use it now, instead of after Christmas. I opened it, and it was a pair of inflatable full leg massage boots and cuffs for my legs! I cried! I gave her a big hug, and thanked her! I put them together, and put them on as soon as I could. I had them on for about a half an hour, and it really helped my leg! What a difference it made! I was able to make supper after that. :o) God works in misterious ways! Thank you Rhonda! :o)

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