Friday, December 24, 2004

Snowed in.....!

We survived the weather. We got around 24 inches of snow droped on us in 1 night! That broke all records in this area! We were all snowed in. The first photo, is the back yard. The second, is my car. The third is my husband having to shovel our street! The fourth is our front yard. Fith, my husband shoveling the street still....which took all day. Sixth, the front of our house, and the seventh is a little path from our garage to another little path, to get to our back door. The city went on strick during the storm, so thats why my husband had to shovel our street. He only did, from our garage to the main street. He said that he couldn't stand being stuck in the house all day with out being able to go anywhere. I then said, "Now you know how I feel."

I did get out to take a few photo's. But of course, I paid for it! My left leg started hurting pretty bad. I was having a level 10 cramping in my whole leg. :o( Nothing was helping it. Then my right knee started in! Then it seemed that everything else had to follow through, and give me pain from the cramps, and the burning on the bottoms of my feet. My right hand started to cramp up, and it stayed that way. This morning it seems to be better. I slept through the night without waking up with pain. I got up at 5:00. Thats pretty good for me. My only wish for this holiday is, that I would like to be pain free for one day. Thats it. You'd think that wouldn't be too much to ask for. Especially to the "normals" out there. You don't get it. Actually...I hope you never get it!

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