Thursday, December 30, 2004

Just another day with fibromyalgia.

Yesterday seemed to go on for ever. I've been stuck in this house for so long. It kind of makes you feel like you are going stir crazy! My son dug my car out for me, and parked it on the street, instead of the driveway. There was still at least 2 feet of drifted snow behind my car that had me stuck there! I'm glad someone thought of me, and got my car out. :o) All I did yesterday was sleep. I was feeling very dizzy, and just not very well at all. Of course, the usual pains that I have everyday with this horrid disease. I was out in the kitchen getting ready to make supper. I almost passed out. I got so dizzy, I just hung onto my walker, and hoped for the best. I did almost fall. Oh well. My daughter came out to see if I needed any help. I'm glad she did, because I really needed some help at that time. I went and sat down. No one knows about what happened. It doesn't matter if I told anyone or not. What could they do? Not one thing. Again...I woke up with pain. Gee...what a surprise! This time, it's my right shoulder and neck. Probably because of trying to hold my head up all day. Laugh it you want...but I had to. I have days to were I struggle to do that much! I went to bed at 10:00 last night, and my husband waited up for me, so he could rub my back to help relax me. :o) Little did he know how much pain I was in, and how dizzy I was. I really needed that. :o) I'm very thankful for having such a caring man. I thank God for what I do have. :o)

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