Monday, December 20, 2004

A bit better today.

I was able to take a nap yesterday afternoon. My arm was still numb, and hurting me all day. I was woke up once again by more pain. This time in my hips, my left leg, my right knee, and my back. At least I got some sleep. I haven't done anymore unpacking, or putting things away. Nor have I been doing anything that would aggervate my muscles more then usual. If I don't listen to my body, I won't feel any better. I was able to sleep through the night last night, without waking up because of pain! YAY! :o) Yes, I did thank God for that. I thank God for even being alive. :o) For some reason, I have this Demon inside me. Only He knows why, but I have to live with it. And I do. But...I'm only human. It hurts! I just can't wait until my next appointment. I have a lot to ask, and to say to my doctor. :o) 

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