Thursday, December 9, 2004

Not a good night.

To start out, I had a horrible night! I went to bed at 10:30, like I usually do. Again....I have this clock radio, and it went off! Loud music! was at a different time! Weird. During the day, I check it to see if it is turned on. It's isn't! Then, I wake up because of pain. Geesh! My right fore arm was hurting pretty bad, and my left leg, and my left fore arm, left elbow, and my left upper arm! Thats just what woke me up. Not what's still in pain. Last evening, I was having some major pain in my right thigh, and my left thigh. My right thigh was hurting so bad, I was crying. There was a very large lump. A huge muscle cramp. It appears that my little "remission" is over! Here come the stupid relapse! One plus, all of the boxes are in the house, and have all been gone through. All I have to do now, is to put things away. My daughter got sick last night. :o( I feel so bad for her. She is really having a hard pregnancy. My sister called me yesterday, and I feel sorry for her as well. My heart went out to her...and still does. My friend called me as well, and her arm is doing much better. :o) I am going to call my doctor. I feel that I need some more tests done. My eye sight has really gotten worse this last time of relapse. If anyone needs or wants to know anything further, write or call me. Other then that....don't sweat it! 

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