Saturday, December 18, 2004

I really don't like fibromyalgia!

Ok....again, more pain. I've tried laughing at myself....because if you don't have a sense of humor with this disease....I don't feel that you won't get very far in your life without it. There have been times to were it is hard to even do that. This pain is so horrid....I sometimes feel like it's slowly making me crazy. Not in the sense of hurting myself or others....just wondering if this is all true! It is. The pain in my back yesterday was so was making my chest hurt as well. It hasn't hurt that bad in a very long time. It sure made up for it yesterday. I had a hard time getting around as well. Thats part of what this disease does to me. Stops me in my tracks! I don't haven anything planned for today....if I even wanted to, I couldn't. I still need help getting things put away, from unpacking them last week. Oh well.....that goes to show you how people just knock down my door to help me. LOL

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