Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I went to bed at 10:00 last night, and woke up at 2:40 this morning. :o) At least I did get some sleep. The medicine is still helping me a lot. All day yesterday, my back and shoulders were still hurting, and in a lot of pain, even though I had taken my pain medicine's, and my muscle relaxer, and a Vicodine! If I hadn't taken those muscle relaxers....I wonder what I would have felt like then? I wonder if my body is going into another exacerbation? I sure hope not. I do realize if I can get more sleep, that would help. And...if the stress wasn't as bad...I would be a lot better as well. As you might have read in my last entry, it was just a "sounding board" to try and help the stress. If only this one person that lives in this house could actually get it through his head to get into "our" reality, and not be so "self centered," and actually pull his wait in this house, it would really be helpful! I've decided to stop trying....I'm not even going to try anymore to get to know him, and I will talk to this person, and treat this person the same exact way that I'm treated by him. What else can I do? What do you do when you have a freeloader living in your house?

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