Monday, March 21, 2005

Boy! Do I feel a LOT better! :o)

I went to my doctors appointment. I told him about the pain pill that I took that was my friend's. I asked him why don't I have a "pain" pill to take when I abosultly need too? Because it did make me feel much better. Well......I not only was told to stop taking my Elavil, but he also gave me a medicine that is a muscle relaxer, ( about time ) and the same medicine that I used from my friend! :o) Plus....before I left, I got a muscle relaxer shot in the hip! YAY!!! Good Grief!!! I asked about what to expect and when will it happen? She told me in about a half an hour, I would start to feel my muscles relax a little, and it would last from 4 to 6 hours! It hit me when I got to the car!!! Yikes! I asked my mom if she could just get me to my pharmacy, and then home asap!!! :o) By the time I got home....I was laying on my walker to get to and in my house! Whoo !!!!! It hit me fast! And was I in NO pain!! :o) YAY! My mom got me out of my clothes, and into my Pj's. :o) And into bed. I ate lunch, took my other pill, and slept. I am still feeling great! I think this is going to work! Yessss! :o)

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