Thursday, March 10, 2005

A bit better.

Yesterday when my physical therapist came....I was really hoping that she could make me feel a bit better. Especially my back. I do like I always do, and told her were and what was really hurting me....then she really worked on my back this time. :o) Boy did it hurt...but felt good. :o) It feels better today. The time that she was here seemed longer. I do know that she really took the time to hit every spot that I had mentioned. And thats a lot. Plus....I had other pains that I didn't realize I had, because of my back and shoulder pains were hurting too badly. I'm very thankful for being able to have her. :o)

I'm hoping to feel better soon. I've had my beads and other craft things sitting out...ready for me to start. I'm hoping maybe next week sometime, I'll be able to do something. :o) Right now...I'm limited on what I'm able to do. I know I'll feel back to my "normal" self soon. :o)

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