Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Couldn't get to sleep again.

I was up late last night....I couldn't get to sleep. I finally went to bed at 2:00! I got up this morning at 6:00. :o( I suppose 4 hours of sleep is better then none. I'm still in a lot of pain....My right shoulder and arm, both hips, and back, and my legs. I am still having problems with getting my legs to straighten out. The muscles in them are so tight. My physical therapist is coming this morning.....I can't wait for her to put me through the pain that will make me feel better. The last time she was here...I screamed a little and cried a lot. made me feel better in the end. Whew! :o) I guess you can say it's a good hurt. I haven't done anything at all to aggrivate my body at all. If trying to walk around the house is aggrivation...then I have. But I can't just lay or sit around all day. Oh well.

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