Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Ok....this time it was backwards. lol

Ok....last night, I couldn't get to sleep! Geesh! Normally, I can't stay asleep! I did, however, get 6 hours of sleep. Thats pretty good. :o) I have good news. My blood work came back very good this time. :o) Whew! It did show that my cholesterol is normal. Not in the high range. :o) YAY! But....my doctor still needs to monitor me for my blood sugar...not too bad yet, but is on it's way there. Plus...I am going to go see a Lipid specialist. My liver is still not that good. That news was so much off of my mind! :o) I was getting a bit worried. Other then that...I got some pretty weird news as well yesterday! lol Um...I have had this itching redness on my upper thigh. I told the doctor about it, and he took a look. I have diaper rash! LOL So...I have the cream that has to put on it 2 times a day for 2 weeks! lol Who would have thought that?!! :o) Just goes in my book of..."I didn't see that coming!" :o) I am though, in some pain today. It's mainly the upper body, and of course my back. This is my life! :o)

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