Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just naps.

It seems that all I've been doing is just taking naps....not actually going to bed at night and sleeping through the night. :o( I've been to my sleep specialist and everything is fine on that's just this horrid fibro. :o( Thats one thing you can deffinetly say about never know what to expect. It can be, "Anything can Happen Day," or, "Lets see how I can ruin your day!" I only was able to sleep 3 and a half hours tonight...and it wasn't very restful. I woke up with my right arm and the right side of my face was numb as well. Now thats a weird feeling! Having half of your face numb! Oh yea! It's fine now. My husband and I worked on this room yesterday, and in my bedroom. Boy does it look good! :o)All I have to do now is to organize this desk. YAY! I was so exhausted after it was all arms and legs felt like noodles. My back and left leg and hip were killing me. And I mostly sat and directed were things were to be put. Again....thats my life with fibro.

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