Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Yesterday, when my physical therapist came....I thought since taking the muscle relaxers would make my time with her almost pain free.....WRONG! Just because I can't feel it with the muscle relaxers, doesn't mean the muscle cramping still isn't there. I don't know what I was thinking! lol :o) She was on vacation all last week, so yesterday was the first time with the new medicines. After she left, I remebered that I told my daughter a few weeks ago that I would make her a T-shirt with, "Due in May" on it. I found the transfers, and got to work on designing it. The background has pastel colors of baby hand and feet prints. :o) She loves it! :o) I them made one for me, with the same background, but it says #1 grandma on it. :o) I'm going to wear it today. :o) To make those T-shirts took me just sitting here at the computer, and printing the transfers. Then, ironing them on the shirt. You can't begin to realize just how much energy that little bit took from me? Then I had to make supper! Plus I had to do the dishes. I had help from my daughter. I was so tired....I had a hard time standing up. I would do one thing, sit, then something else, sit, and continue that way. It just goes to show you that just little things can drain you of all of your energy. I did, however, get 8 hours of well needed sleep last night! Yay! :o) I still feel very weak still. Oh well...thats my life. :o)

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