Monday, March 28, 2005

An ok day. :o)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I felt that I really needed to get out of this house again, so I asked my daughter (my son wasn't home) if she would like to go somewhere with me to get out as well. We ended up at The Cracker Barrel. :o) She was hungry. :o) Even though the place was packed, we had a great time. :o) Afterwards we looked around the little front store. She found this cute little blue bunny wrap that goes over a baby's diaper, and I found a butterfly sun catcher. :o) I bought them. :o) I was in pain, but there comes a time where you can't take it anymore...feeling cooped up in the house. My back, shoulders, arms and legs were still hurting. Thats just my life. Kind of getting used to it. I went to bed at 11:00 again, and got up at 4:00. 5 hours of sleep is better then 4. :o)

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