Tuesday, October 31, 2006

~My present~

Ok...I think I'm done now of freaking out because of my alerts aren't working! So, if you don't get a responce from me when you comment, I'm still not getting them. :o) aarrgghh! I wonder what aol is up to now?! Geesh! :o) Or, if you don't get a comment from me, I didn't get an alert as well.
Well....tonights the night...finally! Yay! :o) My sleep test! :o) It always feels weird to sleep some place else other then my own bed, when it's just me. Now, if someone else were to go with me, (no one can) then I would feel better. :o) Ok, I'm a wuss...I'll admit it! lol :o) But...I am taking my pillow and my teddy bear! Oh yess, I have to! Can't leave home without them! LOL :o) Kidding! (but not my teddy bear) :o)
I was watching the dicovery channel last night. They were talking about all the different kinds of religions and when they started. It was interesting, and I found it to be...I can't even come up with a word for it. There were so many before Christianity, and they called all the religions, even Christianity, cults! I was not at all expecting to hear that one! They said because Jesus had people follow Him! Just like Cults! I guess the Romans started that. I just found it interesting....thats all. There were a lot more to the show, but just that part stuck out to me.
Moving on......
I also found that last night and the night before, I went to bed earlier then usual, and not becuase of the time change. What I think it is...my body is so worn out by the pain, I get very tired and I just lay down, and out I go! I've been going to bed way before my grandson does! Thats early! Like around 6:00-6:30! The pain in my back is now all the way back to the way it originally was. Good Grief! I have to sit in funny little ways to get comfortable. :o) My grandson come to the side of my bed and wants to sit with me and watch t.v.! :o) So my husband will sit him up with me, I give him my calculater, to let him think he has the t.v. controls..lol...and we sit together watching t.v.! :o) I love it! :o) Last night, I was changing channels behind his back, so he didn't see I had the controls, and heseen America's Funniest Video's, and it had animals on it...and he wanted to watch that...so thats what we watched! LOL Too cute...he clapped whe the audiance clapped and laughed out laud at the animals being funny! LOL He's a character! LOL :o) When it was over, then he wanted down! :o) So, he went in the living room to watch tv. with his daddy and my son! :o) My daughter aced both of her tests last night! Wooo Hooo! :o) I'm so proud of her! :o)
I'm really proud of my family! They are all my present! :o) They are all a gift from God to me! :o) And I thank Him! :o) I also thank God for all of my friends as well! :o) So much good has happened to me and my family! And I thank The Lord for that! :o)
Thank you all for your emails and comments! God bless all of you! :o)


bethjunebug said...

I hope your sleep test goes well. I don't know how they expect to get good results on how a person sleeps when they are in a strange hard bed, wires on every part of your body, from head to toe. You can move or you will un hook the darn things. I've had 2 of those test, and neither one gave the results that it should have, I couldn't sleep, I'd dooze off a minute or 2. But never slept so they could get a sleep pattern. I know I have sleep apnea, I snore and wake up with head ackes, leg jerks and wake up out of breath. But all those idiots could say is "Loose weight". I hate that, anytime a dr. can't pin down a diognose, they blame it on weight, I've heard that so many times it makes me sick! Oh well, hope yours experience is better than mine.
Take Care, God Bless,

nelishianatl said...

I'm getting some of my alerts but not all.  I'm just commenting on your journal as it's getting prettier and prettier as the days go by.  Those graphics are awesome.  That grandson of yours sounds so absolutely adorable.  Hope you get the alert on me but if not, you;ll find this eventually.
Thinking of you and hope the sleep study went ok.

bethjunebug said...


davethesod said...


Find out what made a grown man scream like a little girl, when I camped out last night for Halloween.

Make sure you've got a cushion to hide behind and then watch the video here:


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lisa41076 said...

Lisa, Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one, Hugs Lisa

rainy35 said...

Hope your sleep test runs smooth.  I've had 3 of them myself.  They'd kick me out around 6 a.m. then I'd have to go to the dr. for the results at 8:30.  It was nice to get the results the next day.  Take care.

my78novata said...

congrats to your daughter...........  Im glad your geting your test done finallly. I cant sleep in strang places

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kamdghwmw said...

I do not like sleeping in a strange place either! I am glad that you are getting some rest and I hope all goes well tonight.

newmomtobe2001 said...

Sorry you are in pain hope you are feeling better soon Vicky

pharmolo said...

Good luck at the sleeptest later, Lisa. And Happy Halloween - hope they don't come trick-or-treating in the sleeplab LOLOL

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