Thursday, October 26, 2006

words of wisdom

The Gift of Bringing Light into the Life of Another

Whenever we can remember that we would rather smile about what life brings us than suffer over it -- that our natural preference is happiness, not hurtfulness -- then in such moments of being mindful of what we love most . . . can't we also strive to remember how much better it is, for everyone, to brighten the life of another rather than to darken it in our forgetfulness?

Our faults irritate us most when we see them in others.
--Pennsylvania Dutch Proverb

Loving Each Day:

You must find the truth within yourself.

You move into and through all the levels of consciousness.
No matter what, you don't stop; you continue the
progression. If you keep moving, you cannot be bound by
illusion. As soon as you stop and say, "This is it," the
illusions will be there to put you in bondage.

Keep going - always.



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so true

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I am printing out and saving these.
Thank you..

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I love your positive remarks, they are so good for ALL of us.  Merry