Monday, December 25, 2006

~Happy Birthday!~

Good morning! Today is a birthday we celebrate! :o) I call it Christmas! :o) Remember, a Christmas heart is a giving heart! :o)

No one is here yet....just my husband and I and the puppy! :o) I actually put a bit of make up on! lol I was bored and had gotten up so ealry again, and just thought I would. :o) It took me awhile, as I have those shakes again this morning. :o) This isn't a very good morning for me health wise, but I'll push through it! :o) I'm in my own little military. :o) (no guns allowed)

Yesterday wasn't good either. :o) I made it through ok. :o) I don't know what it is that seems to be going on with me now, but once again, I'm riding this wave out! :o) I'm not able to walk. I can hang on to my walker and move it to kind of scoot it along with me hanging on, but thats as far as I can walk. So, I've been using my wheel chair because I have too now. No if's ands or buts about this one! This is serious. Thus morning I can't feel from my lower back down! Kind of odd feeling. So...I'm hobbling along and doing the best I can! :o) When I can get up and try to feet hit the floor like I'm stomping real loud! LOL :o) Boom Boom Boom! lol :o) I guess it happened while I was asleep, because when I woke up, thats the way they were! :o)

Well....I just can't wait until my daughter gets home! I want to see my grandson open his gifts so bad! :o) I charged all my batteries so I can get lots of pictures! And hopefully a little video! :o) Haven't seen him all weekend either! :o) My mom and my younger sister will be here as well. :o) Thankfully my husband has made the ham and the pies for me...Whew! :o)

I just remembered...I need to make sure my camcorder is charged as well! oooops! lol :o)
I really should get off of here just in case they walk in the door! :o) Crossing my fingers! LOL I feel like alittle kid again! lol :o) I get as excited as they do! LOL I'm just a big kid myself! I'll never change that! lol :o)
Thank you all for your supportive emails and your comments! :o) God bless all of you! And Have A Very Merry Christmas today! :o)


katie39041 said...

Have a wonderful day
love and hugs

nightmaremom said...

Merry Christmas!  Have a great day!

sugarsweet056 said...

Have a blessed day my dear friend.
Hugs, Sugar

my78novata said...

will be nice to see your pics hope you have a wonderful holiday

emabecmar said...

merry christmas. have a wonderful day. (((((((((hugs))))))))))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...


lisa41076 said...

Lisa, Merry Christmas, I pray your pain goes away, Hugs Lisa

sjnunn340 said...

Merry chistmas to you and your family, just grit your teeth hun and you'll get through the day


Stacey xxx

therealslimemmy said...

i hope that the pain subsides and you are able to enjoy the day wit family
merry christmas

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dca721 said...

I hope you have feeling in your legs today...that is a helpless feeling I would imagine.
I will pray for you.