Tuesday, December 26, 2006

~My Life in general~

Good morning! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas day! :o) I shared some pictures that were taken yesterday from my home! :o) I hope you enjoyed them. ;o)
Well...the time that we were to open our gifts was noon. My daughter told us thats when they would be back by then. My son and his girl friend were going to be leaving by 12:30 to go to her relatives. And my mom and my younger sister were going to be here at noon as well. So...we were all banking on my daughter to do what she had told us! It was getting closer to the time. So I called her to see where she was, and if she was going to make it or not. She was in Bellbrook still. Well, we then decided to go ahead and open presents so my son and his girl friend could go ahead and leave on time. It was so much fun! :o) I was very surprised that they had gotten me a few things! :o) And my husband as well! :o) We had just finished up and in came my daughter, her boy friend and my grandson! :o) There were so many presents for him to open...from other family members that dropped them off here for him. :o) When my daughter walked in the room we were in, she was holding my grandson and he looked so tired, and she didn't look like she was in a very good mood. :o(

So, all I wanted was a happy day! That was it. :o) Well, thats really all I ever want! lol :o) She brought him in and he started to open his gifts. :o) I got some pictures! :o) He is so appreciative! :o) My daughter sat in the room with him while he opened his gifts. :o) I didn't see her boy friend. Then she gave him his gifts to open. He liked the gift that we got him. ;o) You know, look back at the pictures I put in my last entry. Look and see if you can see a smile on my daughter's face? Or her boy friends? And....my grandson with OUT his pacifier OUT of his mouth? My husband and I are always yanking that think out of his mouth...because he needs to learn to talk! Plus, they took him off the bottle, so, he needs to be off the pacifier as well, but everytime he starts to wimper or cry, in it goes! :o( He's teething again, and getting 3 more teeth! Thats got to hurt! So, I would be crying too! Good Grief! It was hurting my heart when I was watching the pictures AFTER I had posted them! No smiles on their faces...just looked like they were mad or something. :o( Plus...the last picture on there my husband took, because he wanted me to share to show how the futon is all the time, and it was actually cleaned up! Because he did it! :o( He did it because I need the house to be picked up so I can get around in my wheel chair! My daughter and her boy friend and my grandson just went and took a nap, and left the mess all over the floor to where I couldn't get around at all! :o( Yes, that hurts my feelings. Especially when I'm told that they're too busy taking care of a baby to do anything else! WHAT? Then I think back to when I had 1 baby, and then 2 babies and living on my own and having 3 jobs! hmmm! I did it! And the same age! So, my morning was great yesterday! I had so much fun! :o) After that, I have NO idea what happened! I just stayed back in my room to stay out of THEIR WAY! As I try to do. :o( If she only knew how much love is in this home for her and our grandson!
Thank you for the supportive emails and comments and the e-cards too! :o) God bless all of you! :o)


katie39041 said...

I just loved what you did with your pics with music as well, lovely. You deserve consideration to your needs by every member in your household.It saddens me to know you stayed away from the rest of the family for the rest of Christmas day.I know you did it to keep the peace but realy its shameful of your daughter to allow you to do this. im sorry if i am out of order saying what i think, but i am boiling,/cross.
i hope you have a lovely boxing day
Thank you for your support yesterday i certainly needed it.
love and hugs
god bless

newmomtobe2001 said...

Nice pics don't worry about them not smiling maybe they were just tired big hug love vicky

kamdghwmw said...

We would take our daughters binky and cut pieces off of it and she would get mad and throw them away! I know.... I will never win a mom of the year award! LOL

pharmolo said...

Well, hope you had a good Christmas nonetheless Lisa ;-)

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I know your daughter feels the love in your home.  Anyone who reads you journal knows too, I feel all the love.
Christmas seems to be so stressful, in our family we have the same dilemma, everyone having to go to more than once place on Christmas day & EVE...it tires us out and makes up grouchy.
My ex husband started some crap with me, also present husband...don't they know when they argue with me it hurts my son...they ruined his holiday...couldn't it have waited until today.
Hope your day was better than mine.
I am so sore today I could hardly wrap my fingers around my coffee mug, stress = flare up for my RA.
My house is trashed but I have no where to go today!!!  I am so happy about that, I've been busy the last few weeks.
I slepdt until 1 today!
All for now.
Love you,

gabreaelinfo said...


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my78novata said...

sp gald you had a great day and got so many gifts that surprised you

queeniemart said...

i will go and see the pics...i have not seen them yet. LOVE YOU,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Lisa, the baby does look exhausted.  Your daughter is still young.  Who knows, maybe she had an argument or something with her BF.  Our kids are so different with the way they handle responsibility than we were.  Smile :)  Your son and his GF are so cute, and they sure looked super happy.   HUGS  Chris

therealslimemmy said...

so glad your husband picked that up for you...at least he did...but i'm sorry they didnt help...maybe they had a bad morning or something
poor baby did look tired
things will get better
take care
<3, emily